Zen Strenmpf + Going Deeper

So this is a super short update.

I”m in the midst of launching my new fitness product LGN365.

If you wanna read the foreword, written by John Romaniello, check this out.

If you want to check out the product, go here: LGN365.com

However, one of the coolest things ever happened yesterday. My first article got featured on ZenHabits.net!

It’s titled Building Your Strength In The Present Moment. As many of you know, I’m getting deeper into meditation, the zen lifestyle, and mindfulness. And this leads me to my next point – albeit short.

Going Deeper

I’ve been writing in my journal whenever something *different* happens during my mediations – more specifically, if I catch myself getting lost in the mindfulness, and being very aware of the present.

Last week, I pushed for longer than 10 minutes (set my timer for 15 minutes), and a little through the halfway mark, I found myself actually not thinking of anything… This has happened a few times before, but not consistent. I’m not constantly seeking this feeling, but I accept it when it comes.

Yesterday I was training in an empty gym, and um… I found myself getting extremely lost in the moment, the training, how my muscles felt. I even rocked out and danced a bit to some more Rage Against The Machine.

I’m getting good at letting go.

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  1. Hey JC,

    It’s great that your applying mindfulness to coaching. Keep spreading the word. But remember, as Zen adept Lily, Miss Whippet America, says, “When you spread the word, just spread the word and let the word spread you.”


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