My name is JC Deen and I originally created this site to display my web design work.

However, as you can see now, this is a minimalistic wordpress theme. That’s because I’ve dropped out of the design game, for the most part. I still do my own web design (jcdfitness) and take on the occasional project when I need to design for myself or to help someone out.

I am no longer taking paid design work, and don’t foresee me doing so in the future.

So if you see some posts labeled as design with a screenshot of various websites, it’s because those are sites I designed.

I’m first and foremost a fitness writer/trainer/coach and if you’re here, it’s likely because you know of my work at JCDFitness. On the occasion that I do blog here, it will likely be about random stuff – sometimes about fitness, but probably not so much.