Motivational Graphic – Jahed Momand Quote

I know that I didn’t think I’d be posting much design stuff anymore. The truth is I don’t really foresee that happening much, but I wanted to include this. Even though, I’m no longer doing design for money, I still enjoy it. I even more…

Fitness Struggles Graphic

I wrote an article on my fitness site as a follow-up to a previous work titled Turn Your Fitness Struggles into Strengths and this is the graphic I created to go with the article. Fun stuff.


Body-Improvements is a personal training and fitness consulting company founded by Steve Troutman and Gordy Kocher.

JCDFitness is my main project – of course.  So far, this the 4th time around the site has changed designs.  I continually keep trying to improve my users experience as well as finding ways to keep them engaged with extra content and highlighting my latest…